Moringa Oil® Aromatic Herbal Oil (Original)


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MORINGA+OIL is an all-in-one emergency kit in the form of aromatic oil in a small bottle.

How To Use:
Can be applied externally or taken internally in small amounts (1-3 drops). Use as necessary.

Helps relieve stress, fatigue, coughs, asthma, vertigo, numbness, rheumatism, arthritis, stomach pain, stiff neck, colds, flu, vein swelling, scoliosis pain, nerve and muscle pain, eczema, migraine, dysmenorrhea, insomnia, sinusitis, lower back pain, chest pain, psoriasis itching and pain, lumps, burns, cuts, wounds, mouth sore, gum problems, skin diseases, combats morning sickness, blood circulation, bloating, earache, allergies, toothaches, insect repellant and other related pains and conditions.

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MORINGA+ OIL is an AROMATIC HERBAL OIL made from high grade essential oils with coconut oil as the base oil.

It contains high amounts of oil and extracts of MORINGA OLEIFERA, GINGER, OREGANO, COCONUT AND PEPPERMINT. 

It is edible; can be taken orally or can be mixed with hot water or tea. No harmful ingredients such as methyl, camphor and salicylic acid.  

It is an all-in-one emergency kit in one small bottle. Everyone is highly recommended to have one in their bag or pouch

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Essential Oil Blend


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992 in stock