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Greenplus Superfood is a Double Action superfood from the World’s top superfoods namely ARTHROSPIRA PLATENSIS AND MORINGA OLEIFERA. It has the ability to repair damaged DNA. It is anti-viral, strengthens the immune system, superior in fighting cancers and tumors, has 3500 more anti-inflammatory power than Vitamin C. Contains powerful anti-inflammatory compounds and superior in anti-oxidants.

How To Use:

Take 1 capsule 30 minutes to 1 hour before every meal.
For people with mild health problems: 1 Gram twice a day (2 capsules morning before breakfast & 2 capsules evening before bedtime).
For people with chronic problems: 1 Gram 3 times a day (2 capsules every before meals).
Can be taken by children who are capable to consume capsules: 1-3 capsules a day.
Can be mixed with bottle feed preparations. Remove the powder from the capsule and mix with any milk preparations.


GreenPlus Superfood has Porphyrin & bio-chelated iron which help in curing anemia. Porphyrin is a red pigment that forms the active nucleus of hemoglobin. Related to this structure is the polypyrrole molecule of Vit.B12 essential to the formation of healthy red blood cells.

Green Plus Superfood helps to stimulate the
immune system to guard against invading disease organisms and carcinogens through ANTIOXIDANTS & GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid). It also reduces recovery time for those after surgery.

Greens Plus Superfood helps mitigate defects of unbalanced nutritional condition in diabetic patients due to “calorie-cut” diet regime by providing them with high quality proteins, vitamins & minerals. It has glycogen, capable of generating energy for the body rapidly without causing additional burden to pancreas & result in low blood glucose level. GLA content has been shown at controlling blood sugar levels & diabetes. Vit. H decreases insulin resistance & improves glucose tolerance while Cystine supplies 10% of insulin.

GreenPlus Superfood contains high level of
potassium and antioxidants, which help to control hypertension.

Green Plus Superfood helps reduce blood cholesterol levels particularly the bad LDL type & helps to lower risk of cardiovascular disease. It improves general health, relieves fatigue, strengthens the spleen, removes phlegm and regulates the blood fat level.


Greenplus Superfood contains antioxidants like Vitamin E, SOD and B-carotene which attack
free radicals that roam throughout the body wreaking havoc on cells and organs increasing the aging effect and the risk of cancer. In such situations, GreenPlus Superfood becomes an ideal food supplement for older people who do not eat much. It is very beneficial for elderly people who are unable to absorb, assimilate and utilize nutrients efficiently.

Green Plus Superfood is the richest natural source of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), which help in regulating blood sugar levels and to prevent cravings. GreenPlus Super food also contains the amino acid Phenylalanine which also helps to satisfy your appetite.

Greens Plus Superfood provides lasting high energy which improves stamina and increases endurance due to its Naturally High Protein content.

Greens Plus Superfood is a good source of Calcium and Phosphate which are needed to strengthen your bones.

Green Plus Superfood aside from being very nutritious is a highly digestible food and is called a cellular food, making it an ideal supplement for senior citizens.

The Pterygospermin compound in GreenPlus Super-food acts as antibiotic against a wide range of bacteria and fungi including Helicobacter pylori which is common in the poorest populations and a major cause of gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, and gastric cancer.

GreenPlus Superfood contains phycocyanin and GLA. Phycocyanin is a rare blue pigment protein which helps draw together amino acid for neurotransmitter formation, increasing mental capacity. The GLA feeds your brain and nervous system with the nutrients it needs to be healthy. The presence of both also helps to repair damaged brain tissues.

Green Plus Superfood contains phycocyanin, a
biliprotein that has been shown to inhibit cancer colony formations; it also contains GLA, a fatty acid that strengthens the immune system and inhibits excessive cell division aside from beta-carotene (which is 25 times more than carrots) which is touted as an anti-cancer phytochemical.

GLA when combined with Lithium (Li-GLA) is currently used in Phase II clinical trials for HIV/AIDS. It has the ability to destroy HIV infected T-cells.

Due to high protein content, Japanese doctors use it to treat Hepatitis A & B. Methionine regenerates damaged liver cells.

Due to Tryptophane and Arginine, it increases sex drive, increases sperm count while reducing prostate hypertrophy.

Helps people with excessive stomach acids, ulcers, or Gastritis.
GreenPlus Superfood is an alkaline food. It is also rich in chlorophyll which regulates the acidity of gastric juices and helps in the healing of inflammation, at the same time it repairs damaged stomach lining because of its protein content.

Helps people with kidney and colon problems or those in excessive medications.
Green Plus Superfood protects and helps cleanse the kidney and colon by detoxifying them including those caused by pharmaceutical drugs.

Heps people with Constipation/digestion problem.
Being a fiber food, GreenPlus Superfood is effective in cleaning the colon and stimulating lactobacilli and bifidus activity.

Helps in Eye Problems.
GreenPlus Superfood is richer in pro-Vitamin A,
beta-Carotene than carrots to improve vision. It also has the phytochemical Xanthophyll that helps in protecting the eyes.

Helps Children especially those who normally do not eat vegetables and are fond of junk foods. Phytonutrients in Green Plus Super food helps strengthen and protect your children’s immune system. The complete amino acids in Green Plus Superfood are very important natural source in a child’s intellectual development. Its complete profile of nutrients is vital to the overall development of a child.

Helps People with Busy lifestyle (students, professionals, and those with low
energy levels.
GreenPlus Superfood Is a foundation food which gives instant energy and increase stamina. For normal functioning of organs under stressed conditions proper nutrition is very important.

Pregnant and Nursing Women.
Green Plus Superfood has the
complete profile of nutrients needed by pregnant, nursing women & their babies, especially protein, Iron, Calcium, and GLA. It also replenish nutrients that were lost during delivery.

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Greenplus Superfood is a Double Action superfood from the World’s top superfoods namely ARTHROSPIRA PLATENSIS AND MORINGA OLEIFERA.

Arthrospira Platensis commonly known as Spirulina is a spiral-shaped blue-green Micro-algae that grows in alkaline waters. It is known as a Superfood due to its exceptionally high in nutrition, containing more than 100 nutrients and 2000 enzymes. The World Health Organization named it as the “Greatest Superfood on Earth”. In Russia, it is considered as a medicinal Food; In Ukraine considered as Anti-Radiation Food. It has been known having the ability to repair damaged DNA, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Viral, stimulates the Immune System. The only superfood on earth that has the blue pigment called Phycocyanin that is superior in fighting cancers and tumors. It also contains a unique enzyme called Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), also known as a very powerful anti-oxidant that has 3,500 more anti-inflammatory power than Vitamin C.

Moringa Oleifera commonly known as Malunggay is also known as “The Miracle Tree”, “The Tree of Life” and “The Elixir of Long Life” due to its miraculous healing abilities. Studies revealed that Moringa contains: 92 nutrients, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds and 46 antioxidants! According to the National Institute of Health (USA), Moringa is potential to Prevent and Treat 300 Diseases.

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