About GreenPastures

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From Self-Healing to Life Mission

Founder, Rey Paraguya, grew up with asthma — an illness not caused by lifestyle but by genetics. Basically Rey did not have a choice. Ironically, his prescribed asthma medication only made his overall physical condition worse because it triggered his recurring sinusitis. With a background in journalism, Rey took to himself to find a remedy to his condition that was showing no signs of improving with his precribed medication.

In his journey to wellness, Rey has tried leading food supplements until he came across Spirulina. His body responded well to Spirulina supplement and shared it to his friends and family.

The much needed infusion of kalamunggay or Moringa in the GreenPastures family happened after Rey visited a friend who was a t the same time, a licensed physician. Rey took the idea of blending the health effects of Spirulina and Moringa into one super supplement that is also locally produced! This is how the first GreenPlus product was born — Greenplus Superfood.

GreenPastures products are proudly manufactured and sourced in the Philippines.

Of course in the beginning, pushing GreenPastures to the Filipino market is challenging because aside from our preference to prescription medicine, Filipinos are also more keen to buying imported natural supplements.

So to elevate the brand, quality and production of GreenPastures, Rey went to study Naturopathy and Comprehensive Iridology in the Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Science (Accredited by the Department of Health)

GreenPastures now manufactures and distributes an array of Moringa-based and Spirulina-infused products in Cagayan de Oro that are packed with health promoting benefits.

Because GreenPastures grow and harvest their own raw materials, they are able to maintain competitive prices that make natural wellness affordable and within the reach of every Filipino who deserve to live a healthy life.

Interesting Fact: Philippines is a major exporter of Moringa in the global market… and we believe we should be first to use it!

But with all the great challenges in front of us, GreenPastures, with the leadership of Rey Paraguya, will stay true to our vision to bring more people to green pastures and live a healthy life with all-natural locally made health products.